Police Department

  1. TPD Operations


Employs 34 sworn police officers, 9 civilian dispatchers, and 3 civilian employees who work together to provide continuous 24 hour protection and service to the City of Trenton. 

The Trenton Police Department recognizes that community involvement in law enforcement efforts will undoubtedly make an impact on the war on crime. Crime prevention programs such as neighborhood watch groups emphasize citizen awareness for self-protection and the necessity to be the eyes and ears for the police department. By working together, Trenton will be a better place to live in both the residential and business community.


The police department is responsible for the:

  • Apprehension of offenders
  • Enforcement of the laws of the State
  • Ordinances of the City
  • Preservation of public peace and order
  • Prevention of crime
  • Protection of persons and property


The Trenton Police Department has several divisions dedicated to specific responsibilities to the residents of the City of Trenton helping to ensure the peace and order of our city. They are:

  1. Police Department

    Physical Address
    Police Station
    2872 West Jefferson
    Trenton, MI 8183

    Phone: : 734-676-3737
    Emergency Phone: : 911

  2. Mike Oakley

    Chief of Police
    Phone: 734-676-7095

  3. Jake Davis

    Deputy Chief
    Phone: 734-676-7095

  4. Mike Hawkins

    Operations Lieutenant
    Phone: 734-676-4230

  5. Brad Falkey

    Platoon Lieutenant
    Phone: 734-676-3737

  6. Steve Lyons

    Platoon Lieutenant
    Phone: 734-676-3737

  7. Tom Durbin

    Platoon Lieutenant
    Phone: 734-676-3737

  8. Amy Gilstorf

    Administrative Secretary
    Phone: 734-676-7095